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Bernardo Huberman

Fellow & VP of Core Innovation
As both a technology pioneer and a disrupter Bernardo is more a futurist, whose early foresights have resulted in what we see as our everyday realities, than someone tinkering with the status quo. He has played a key role as a thought leader and creator of highly innovative, far-seeing business solutions in technology with his imprint on many product juggernauts that we see today, for billions in revenues.

E.g., working with a crack team he conceived of the first market-based resource allocation system for computer networks in 2000, which was a forerunner of what is now cloud computing. He then exploited the emergence of the world-wide-web to pioneer the use of large data sets to ID communities and predict technologies’ future trends. He was also the inventor of ePrint, the first system that used cloud computing to print anywhere in the world from any mobile device, for millions in new revenues at HP.

Bernardo started his career at the legendary Xerox PARC, where he was first a manager and then Xerox Fellow. There, he created a stream of innovations such as Beehive, a system that used email exchanges to ID intra-org communities of practice. His work on distributed smart matter led to controlling both smart matter and office climate; inventions that were widely covered by the media like the New York Times.

Most recently, as Sr. Fellow and lab Director at HP/HPE, he was responsible for setting strategic directions for the creation of new market-ready technologies. There, he influenced both pioneering disruptive technology solutions and how they catapult a business in a market-leadership role, helping HP/HPE increase its revenues.

As an active participant and advisor in a number of important technology and policy forums, Bernardo has made highly impactful presentations to large customer groups and to top policy makers in the US, EU, UK, and Singapore.

Bernardo has 46 patents (more pending), hundreds of published technical reports and several books.