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Michael Smolens

Michael Smolens, Founder, Chairman, CEO & Collector of Puzzle Pieces – Dotsub LLC. For the first 32 years of his career, he started 8 garment manufacturing companies creating more than 20,000 jobs supporting the livelihood of over 100,000 people in Haiti, Mexico, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Jordan, Russia and Azerbaijan. During this time, he developed a deep and profound awareness of differences in the world's cultures, with the role language played enabling cross-cultural communication as well as economic development. He conceived Dotsub in 2004, before YouTube & smartphones, and launched it in 2007 – becoming the first browser based platform to enable video, created in any language, to be easily, quickly and inexpensively available in any other language, and then viewable on any video enabled device or platform, including mobile. As video storytelling becomes the dominant way to communicate, inspire, educate & train - knowing that only 6% of the 7.2B people in the world speak English as a native language, with 19% more speaking it as a 2nd or 3rd language, that means 75% speak no English. It is Dotsub's mission to enable all of the world's knowledge, available in video, be available in all languages and viewed by all 7.3B people in the world in their native language, on any of their existing devices, even including feature phones. Our mantra was spoken by Nelson Mandela - "When you speak to a man in a language he understands, you speak to his head. When you speak to him in his native language, you speak to his heart." Every company, brand or organization wants to speak to its customers / stakeholders /employees / investors hearts!